Hi, I am Jen - founder of AJ LOGIC (registered) company.
I am a software consultant, enterprise applications developer, digital marketeer, web apps and games developer.
I have 14 years experience in the software industry. A proud mother of a 5 years old boy.
Juggling between motherly roles, work - managing my clients, and trying to be a good wife.
The website convertdocs.co is a unit of AJ LOGIC (https://www.ajlogic.in)



2019 - Now

A Humble Beginnings

The year 2020 marks a turning point in my professional life. Apart from singing, music, and arts, which are my hobbies and a source of finding joy and contentment, the new love of my life is video game programming. After forking around the respectable and undisputed Unreal and the new brother Unity platforms, Unity proves to be enticing, more so due to my java and C# background.

According to Statista - “ The global mobile gaming revenue will grow from six billion euros in 2017 to 10.4 billion euros in 2021”. The growth of the mobile and tablet market has influenced the gaming industry growth in this sector. There isn’t a better time to ride the bandwagon of the gaming craze than doing it Right Now.

I started developing games myself, and then over time formed a team to expand my business. We are "AJ Logic" now, a registered company, and are a team of dynamic, smart and intelligent young people. The business areas we operate are game and app development, softwares & services marketing, game & app campaigns & promotions, and software consultancy. We also develop custom softwares, web applications, applications & micro services based on the AWS services.

Contact us if you are interested in buying any of our games or want a custom project(s) developed. Just reach us from the details given in Contact Us form.